Военная доктрина является военным и, в особенности, тактическим мировоззрением; доктрина создаёт убеждения, в которых - душа всякого действия.
 Военный Информатор.  Основы военной доктрины
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Type : Specifications :
Designation : Rafael MRAP 'Gold'
Origin : USA
PROTECTING THE PROTECTORS : International ® APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers) offer unsurpassed armor protection for the transportation of today’s soldiers. The International ® APC features a “reactive” (vs. passive) armor that provides a higher level of threat protection. ERA – Explosive Reactive Armor – is used to provide enhanced protection against RGP-7 threats, IED’s and other projectiles. Using other types of passive armor would weigh up to 10 times more to get the same level of protection This Armor Technology has been tested and proven in battle on Bradleys. It is specifically designed to protect against shaped charges.
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