Военная доктрина является военным и, в особенности, тактическим мировоззрением; доктрина создаёт убеждения, в которых - душа всякого действия.
 Военный Информатор.  Основы военной доктрины
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Type : Specifications :
Designation : GPV Captain 8 X 8 X 8
Origin : USA
Company GPV (General Purpose Vehicle) which is based in New Have in Michigan, developed a new concept of armoured vehicle with wheels, which includes a great family of alternatives of which freight vehicles of troop and trucks multi use. The model of freight vehicle of troop is declined in five alternatives, the model Sentry 4 X 4, the model Commander 6 X 6, the model Captain 8 X 8 out of frame runs, the model Colonel 8 X 8 out of long frame and the General model in 10 X 10. In 2004, the United States acquired of the model MTV A, which is a version truck with a frame 8 X 8. Tactical truck GPV also exists in version 4 X 4, 6 X 6, and 10 X 10. Truck GPV uses to 95% the elements of the version transport of troop. The hull of the vehicle offers a protection on 360°. From its design on the level of manufacture, the hull of the vehicle can be built on the basis of material various like aluminium or the titanium and the thicknesses of the shielding can varied according to the conditions of mission.
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